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Getting Started

5 Simple Steps to a new kitchen!

Step One:


Step Two:

Planning & Design

Step Three:


Step Four:

Delivery & Installation

Step Five:


Step One: Consultation


In the first stage of the project we get to know about your vision for your new space. There are 3 different ways we can go about the initial consultation:

  • Site Visit - Where better to learn about the project than on site! While on site we will discuss your vision for your new space, while getting all of the necessary dimensions to start the design and planning phase. 

  • In-Office Visit - Come on down and visit us & our showroom! We are currently under construction expanding our showroom and are excited for the finished displays to be ready this summer. While in office we can discuss your project and your wants/needs for the space. You can bring in the dimensions of your space, email them in to us, or arrange to have someone from our team come out and do measurements on site.

  • Email & Phone - If you find yourself unable to meet in person, we can always converse over a combination of email & phone.


Design Development
Step Two: Planning & Design


In step 2, our in-house designers work hard to turn your dreams into realities by thoughtfully designing your new space and producing 3D renderings. These 3D renderings help you to see what you can expect in your new space. Once we complete two different designs we send the quotes and renderings to you for you to review and comment.  We then discuss back and forth to tweak the design until you have exactly what you are looking for! Once we have a design that you love, we have you sign off on the documents and move on to the production stage.

Step Three: Production


The kitchen of your dreams is one step closer to reality! Attached to our showroom is our 15, 000 sq. ft manufacturing facility where our meticulous craftsman carefully begin to construct your cabinets. We believe in quality without compromise and that is why we have recruited the best European craftsmen in the industry. On average we estimate a 4-6 week timeline from the beginning of production to project completion/installation.

Delivery & Installation
Step Four: Delivery & Installation


Our experienced and skillful installers deliver the new cabinetry to site and install.

Step Five: Enjoy!!


You now have a new stunning space that you can enjoy with friends, family, and loved ones! 

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