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Frequently Asked Questions


If we haven't answered one of your questions on our website, please feel free to Contact Us with your questions!


Do you only design/build kitchens?


A: No we do more than just kitchens! Bathrooms, stairs and rails, miscellaneous millwork etc. If it's made of wood we can probably make it! 


How do I go about obtaining a design?


A: There are 3 options for obtaining a design, to view them click Getting Started.


Do we build our own cabinets?


A: Yes, all of our cabinet boxes, drawer boxes, and doors are custom made in house. Our only exception to this is 'wrapped' products. Wrapped products are generally used in projects that are more cost effective. Not having to out-source for any of our wood elements helps to minimize any chance of error and eliminates the wait time that occurs when you out-source, which can be costly if anything needs to be re-ordered!


Can you refinish existing cabinets?


A: We can, pricing depends greatly on your existing style of cabinetry. If your cabinets are frame-less construction (hinges on the inside) then it is simply a matter of removing the doors and refinishing them in our shop. Depending on the profile of the door, the  amount of prepping required can vary. If your cabinets are face frame style (hinges on the outside) then this is a slightly more labour intensive process, as extra man power is required to prepare the frames on site for on site spraying. 


What colors do we offer?


A: We have our own stain booth so we can provide a limitless range of colors.


What wood species do we offer?

A: All of them! from Ash to Zebrano and anything in-between. To see a list of 'standard' ones that we offer click Design Options.


How long does it take for us to build, deliver and install a project?


A: After the design has been decided upon and sign off has occurred, then the time frame can range from 4-8 weeks depending on the size of  the project.  Most kitchens fall in a 4-5 week range.


What kind of warranty do we offer?

A:  Lifetime! If any of the components fail they will be fixed, and or replaced at no charge. Negligence is not covered under warranty.

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